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Search Engine Optimisation is a great way to get traffic from Google and other search engines.  Depending on the website you want to optimise and the words you want to rank for, this can be trivial or nigh on impossible. 

Search traffic is the most important type of traffic for most websites. If you offer a product or service that people will seek out then a good ranking on search engines is a must. Social media can drive traffic but its mainly junk because of the low user intent. Search trumps everything because it puts your site in front of a potential customer at the time they are looking to buy.

Quadd is primarily a publisher SEO Company that generates it revenue from Adsense and affiliates. We don’t do client SEO. Thats not to say that we won’t do client SEO. Its just much more lucrative doing publisher SEO.

However, if you have an interesting SEO project, or one that pays proportionally to the success of the campaign we would be interested in hearing from you. The skill set and techniques are very similar so we can deliver results for clients as well as for ourselves. As we don’t rely on client SEO revenue we can actually guarantee your SEO results*. Very few small SEO consultancy companies can do that.

*Guarantee in the sense of a TV warranty – if you are not ranking we will fix it or refund you. No one can guarantee a listing for any mildly competitive term.

Our Approach
We always aim for top 3 results. If your site deserves to be in the top 3 for a keyword then we can get it there. This does depend on the quality of the competition. If your competition is exceptionally strong we’ll probably not be able to help you unless you already have many links and/or a big budget.

We don’t spend much time on keyword research. We expect clients to have an idea of what terms people would type in to a search engine to find their site. We’ll make suggestions but ultimately, we don’t know a typical client’s industry better than the client does so it makes sense for the client to choose the keywords.

We do mainly off site SEO but we will spend some time making sure your site’s structure is not hampering your rankings. We recommend you use a well maintained off the shelf CMS system for your website. This will solve 99% of any technical and on site factors that may be causing your site not to rank.

Most SEO campaigns should start with Adwords

Most search optimisers use the Google Keyword Tool to see what phrases are searched for. This is standard practice but often the numbers are not accurate. Its hard to gauge the true number of clicks you will get from an SEO campaign from just the keyword tool. By using Adwords, you can more accurately guess the amount of traffic you are likely to receive.

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