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Quadd is a member of the Google Engage for Agencies programme. This allows us to distribute a number of free £50 trial vouchers for new Adwords advertisers.

Google AdWords coupons are designed to allow businesses to try AdWords for the first time without any financial risk or commitment and so can only be used on accounts that are fewer than 14 days old. To use a coupon, a new Google AdWords account must be set up. Billing information, the coupon code, and payment options also need to be completed before an account can be activated. At the time of activation, a one-time activation fee will be charged. This is currently £5.

Please use the form below to get your Free £50 Adwords Voucher. Please fill in as much as the form as possible as it will allow us to ascertain whether we can help your company with Google Adwords. You may find it helpful to read Google’s Advertiser Guide : Working with a 3rd party before filling in the form and our PPC services page.

If you feel that you will benefit from Adwords and don’t need any help, just fill in the email address and website fields. Due to abuse, we are no longer offering the free voucher to customers just filling in the basic fields.These vouchers are provided free of charge and are not for resale. . These vouchers are for UK businesses only.