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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to get more from your existing client base. With all the hype around social media, its sometimes easy to forget that more people have email than social media accounts. An effective mailing list can produce a ROI which even SEO would struggle to match.

With emailing your existing customer, you already have people that are familiar with your product or service or have at least had some previous contact with you. We encourage everyone to collect email addresses from existing customers.

This is different to renting a cold list. With list rental you are sending emails out to generate leads. This can be a bit hit and miss. We think that search advertising is a much better way to acquire customers than cold email lists.

Quadd can help with your email campaigns. Types of things we can help you with

  • Set up contact forms that automatically subscribe people to lists.

  • Advise on the broadcast platform suitable to your list size.

  • Advise how to get past content based spam filters and delivery to major ISPs.