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Pay Per Click usually means Adwords.  Bing/Yahoo is probably as good for traffic quality now but the volumes are not there. Google has around 90% of the UK search market so its best to concentrate on that.

Google Adwords is Google’s cash cow. Without it, there would be no Google search. Once upon a time it was a licence for advertisers and agencies to print money. Google used to give agencies 15% of the revenue from client spend. When bid prices were low, the people who got in early really could just arbitrage traffic.

As with most markets, competition drives out the easy profits. The main benefactors are the market makers, in this case Google. Adwords are still profitable in some markets but its a lot harder to make money than it once was.

If you have a set Adwords budget you probably don’t understand the medium. If we told you, you can spend £1 to make £5, what would your monthly budget be? You’d not say, £1000 or a fixed amount, you’d say, buy all the traffic you can at that price.

At Quadd we can set up Adwords campaigns, manage and optimise them for a high ROI. We are flexible in our charging structure. We can work on a percentage of spend basis, hourly bill rate or cost per lead. Set up and optimisation is large up front cost and sometimes its just not possible to make money on Adwords. We will only work with you if we believe that we can generate a positive ROI.

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