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New Domain

by in Company News on Apr. 2, 2014

Quadd is located on the domain extension rather than the .com. The change is a direct result of Penguin 2.0 hitting To be honest, I am surprised it didn’t get hit back when Penguin 1.x hit.

Quadd .com used to rank for a variety of local SEO and marketing terms. This was achieved by using techniques that worked at the time. With Penguin, these techniques not only stopped working, they work negatively.

The good old days of buying an exact match domain and various BST services are well and truly gone. It was good while it lasted though. Hopefully the good times will come back at some point.

Own a Colour

by in Company News on Mar. 28, 2014

Inspired by my comrades at Gmedia, I have purchased the copper colour for Quadd Ltd. You can view the colour here. This is the genuine copper colour according to wikipedia.

Unicef is one of the charities I donate to anyway (the others being Save the Children and Amnesty). I think its very worthwhile and they do a lot of good.

UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation protecting the rights of children and young people. UNICEF is present in more than 190 countries protecting children’s right to be educated, healthy, protected and treated fairly. UNICEF works with families, local communities, businesses and governments to ensure that these rights are upheld.

Your donation will help UNICEF continue its work on everything from building schools in Pakistan and bringing clean water to Ethiopia, to providing immunisations in Haiti and responding to emergencies like the recent catastrophe in East Africa.

Your donation is vital as UNICEF is entirely funded by voluntary contributions and doesn’t receive any money from the UN budget.

Purchase your colour here. Its only a pound and a lot of the good colours still haven’t gone.

New Batch of Free £50 adwords vouchers

by in Company News on Mar. 19, 2014

Quadd is a member of the Google Engage programme for agencies. This allows us to give away free of charge, Google adwords vouchers to people that are considering using Google for advertising.

Google Adwords is possibly the most effective form of advertising there is. When people are on Google searching, they are looking for things at that moment in time. If you are an accountant, someone searching for, say, “chartered accountants sheffield” is almost certain to be looking for an accountant at that moment in time. If your site appears high up on the SERPs then you will get a targeted visitor to your site. Other than word of mouth marketing, I can see no other more effective system of advertising. Word of mouth doesn’t scale that well though. With Google Adwords, you can buy as much traffic as Google can send.

Rich Skrenta of Blekko search explains why search traffic is the best type of traffic you can get.

  • Question: It seems like you’ll never match deep-pocketed companies like Google or Bing, so what’s the endgame? How do you turn this into a profitable business?

    Answer: Search is one of best businesses on the Web. Search traffic monetizes really well. It can be 50 to 100 bucks per 1,000 page views (CPM).

    When I was the CEO of Topix, a local news aggregator, we were doing pretty well monetizing local page news, about three or four bucks per thousand. We were getting one dollar even on forums, and those ads are generally worthless.

    If you go to a social network like Facebook, CPM can be 15 cents. People aren’t in buy mode. They don’t possess intent to buy. But if you go to a search engine and type in “Palo Alto Real Estate,” you’ve declared your intention to buy a house in Palo Alto. So real estate agents buy as many clicks as they can possibly get.

    Our intent is to put search ads on the site. We can be a profitable company with far less traffic if you were running a local news site. $50 is much higher than $3.

If you are interested in trying out Google adwords please fill in the form for a free £50 Adwords Voucher.

New Website

by in Company News on Feb. 23, 2014

Quadd has had a bit of a facelift. We’ve decided to pursue other areas of online marketing. Basically, the verticals we work in are extremely tough to rank sites for. Even when you get number 1, the traffic is tiny due to the amount of Google ads cluttering the screen. We figured that paid search is the way forward. As Google have practically killed affiliates in paid search, getting clients is our preferred option.

If you want to work with an experienced online marketing company on your paid search campaigns, get in touch.

Moving forward we are going to be using this blog as a knowledge base for our clients. Check back later for more update or subscribe to our RSS feed.